Advantages of Screen Printing

Screen printing is a process that uses a mesh to transfer ink to a substrate but not to areas that are made impermeable to the ink. The screen printing process, therefore, has its various benefits that help most users to meet their multiple needs. Most of the industries have considered this method to be accessible and helpful. When you have decided to deal with this method, make sure that you take your time to understand how it works. Here are the benefits of screen printing.

Flexible prices

screen printing process has flexible pricesWhen it comes to the pricing of screen printing, many elements will influence the cost. That is why you should take note of multiple elements before selecting one. Also, if you decide to hire an experienced printing firm, you will later find out that the expenses will not be that expensive. Also, it is advisable to order a lot of screen in bulk because you will end up getting discounts for the screen printing materials that are ordered.


Once you have understood the screen printing process, you will realize that they use thick inks that are likely to last for long. This is one of the major reasons why most people recommend screen printing over other printing methods. Also, when you compare Screen printing vs direct to garment, you will notice that it has a lot of benefits and it is the best method that you should consider selecting. Nonetheless, when this method is done on the fabrics, there is the heat dried ink that is utilized in this process to manage the repetitive washes without fading and acquiring any cracks.


The screen printing processes are adaptable to various substrate materials compared to the digital printing technology. Also, there are multiple types of inks that are available to printers such as specialty and metallic inks. That is why this process is used by most types of high volume graphic print productions. Therefore, this is one of the best options you are recommended to select when it comes to methods of printing.

Delivers Quality

screen printing delivers qualityIt is crucial to note that screen printing delivers quality. This is due to the availability of modern screen printing equipment and materials that provide printers with a variety of superior color saturation and color palette. Also, this process of printing allows the introduction of new effects and custom colors. This is why screen printing process delivers quality.…